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  • Welcome to by Isiecom. We are an official distributor of ScanCube equipment for the sale in Europe and LatAm. With ScanCube photo booths you will be able to take packshot product photography with a fast, high-quality, and simple method. With ScanCube; equipment it is not necessary to be a professional photographer to make quality packshot product photography in pure white background thanks to the ScanCube's software EasyView the the entire process is optimized to make packshot product photography in bulk.

  • The process of these sessions allows you to get packshot product photography strong without the need to retouch them with a photo processing software like Photoshop or similar. As we say in "if you use Photoshop is because you are not doing it well". About 90% of the products sold online can be photographed with ScanCube. We have four different models to make packshot product photography with ScanCube for 50cms, 70cms, 100cms and 150cms high.

  • In addition with the incorporation of the ScanCube's turntable you can automatically make several packshot product photgraphy from different angles, all in a fully automated process with a single click. With ScanCube's turntable in the ScanCube's photo booth you will get several packshot product photos from different angles that will be homogenous for all your products.

  • ScanCube will allow you to make packshot product photography in 3D or 360º. The process is just as simple as taking still or multi-angle packshot product photography with just three clicks. With ScanCube you'll be able to get packshot product photography of your products to come to life, allowing you to rotate the pictures right or left with the mouse drag or trackpad. This will make the visitors of your online store play with the products and better remember all the details in your online store. You will increase the number of sales and the number of loyal customers.

  • With ScanCube you can easily make product videos, switch from Packshot product photography to video mode and in a single click and with the turntable you will make a video of about 20 seconds. Upload the video to your YouTube account and link it to your product page, therefore you will easily improve the positioning of your products with this small video from Youtube.