Do you want to know what ScanCube is?

There are automated light boxes

ScanCube are automated light boxes to get packshot product photos with pure white background, typical for catalogs or e-commerce. If you add the platform ScanCube allows you to make photographic compositions in 360º or 3D, for example, photographs where the products turn right or left with the mouse cursor. Also with the platform, we can make a small video of a product turning on itself.

As every good photographer knows, the key to a good photograph is light. With ScanCube we have inside the cabin or the box the ideal conditions so that the product can be photographed in a professional way. If it fits inside the box the process of photographing is very simple because everything is optimized to take packshot product photographs easily.

It is an optimal process to make many photographs in a short time

ScanCube and its EasyView software are the perfect combination to shoot packshot product photography very fast. The process is defined by the software.

Imagine that we have forty products of similar shape, size and color and we have to take a homogeneous photograph to each one of them. The process with ScanCube is as follows:

  1. We place the first product inside the ScanCube.
  2. We adjust the focus of the camera as well as the framing.
  3. We adjust the four front light points to achieve the optimum color of the product.
  4. We adjust the lights from behind and the floor of the cabin to approach the pure white background.
  5. We make a photo of the product and maybe the white background will not reach the pure white but a grayish, pink, blue, etc. depending on the product we have placed.
  6. After taking the photo sends us to a preview where we can adjust the white balance to get the pure white background, ie RGB (255,255,255) or HEX: #FFFFFF.
  7. The photo obtained is ready to be published in a web or catalog without having to go through Photoshop or another program.
  8. We save the photo as a template to use all the settings: lights, camera and white balance, for the next product or for another session after a few days (or months).
  9. We put the following product with the help of the ghost image exactly in the same position and we take the photo of the next product.
  10. We put the following product and take the photo.
  11. We put the following product and take the photo.
  12. We put the following product and take the photo.
  13. We put the following product and take the photo.
  14. We put the following product and take the photo.
  15. ...

With products that do not require special support, we can make in one hour around forty products all ready for publication.

It is a system to easily photograph complicated products

Allows you to take photos with transparent background

Has many tools to help you an easy packshot shooting