Do you want to know how to make packshot product photos with ScanCube?

A packshot product photograph looks nice if the background is white. If we want the photograph to be in an online store or in a catalog with white background the white color that we must get is the white known as "Pure White".

What is pure white color?

Pure white is known by its RGB as RGB (255, 255, 255). If one of these values is lower the background can be pinkish, greenish, yellowish or grayish. Many times when taking the picture the human eye does not detect the difference if these values are low but when placed next to a pure white background like an online store or a catalog, you notice the difference and it does not look nice.

How do you get the pure white background?

There are two ways to get a product to have pure white background:

Making an optimal photo with white background.

In the first case the process to achieve the target is to place the product in a place where the background is white, adjust the lights so that the product is well illuminated and the white background is also illuminated with backlight. We also have to adjust the camera to get enough light with the proper opening speed diaphragm. If the background photo is not pure white background we have to adjust white balance to force the background to be pure white. This can be done either from the camera itself either from a photography retouching program (photoshop).

Taking a photo and trimming the background to make it transparent.

In this second case the lighting steps are the same, but it is not necessary to focus on the pure white background. the background can be green chroma or blue chroma. Once the photo is taken the software in the camera or with a photgrapphy retouching software (photoshop) we can cut or erase the chroma color making the background transparent. It is important to have an homogeneous background, without gradients and the chroma should not be reflected on product.

How does ScanCube get the white background?

ScanCube can make packshot product pictures on pure white or transparent backgrounds. To achieve it uses the latest software technology. Iit requires a computer with Windows installed and the ScanCube's software EasyView, the cabin connected to the computer and the camera also connected to the computer, both by USBs.

ScanCube photo on white background

The process is very simple. If we have a serie of similar products in size, shape and color, we have to star with one product, we place it in the ScanCube's photobooth and with the software we adjust the front lights, so the product is well illuminated and we also adjust the rear lights to get as close as possible the pure white background. Also with the software we control all the camera features so there is no need to touch the camera during the session. With the camera well focused we can control the aperture and speed of the diaphragm to get more or less light. When taking the photograph it is almost certain that the background will be grayish, pinkish, blueish, etc. Depending on the product's color. Using the ScanCube software, you can adjust the balance of whites to achieve the pure white. Once the perfect photo is set up with all its adjustments, we save it in one template that can be used for the next products or later in another sesiion after several days (or months).

ScanCube photo with transparent background.

The lighting process is the same as with the pure white background. But unlike the previous it is not necessary to adjust the balance of whites, because the system takes two photos at different light intensity (light and backlight). With algorithmic calculations the software masks the product removing the background and making it transparent. As in the previous case once we found the optimum set up we store the settings in a template for later use with similar products.