Do you want to know how to take pictures in 360º?

Differentiating from the competition has always been of vital importance in any business. Nowadays, with the appearance of the internet, online stores have become the first showcase of our products. For that reason taking care of the aesthetics and differentiating our product placement ininternet can make us to be above our competitors.

360º Packshot Product Photography

A very interesting aspect is that with online stores the customers know previous to approach to a physical store the majority of the product features. For this reason a new way of visually communicating the product has been born: the 360º photo compositions. This technology seeks to emulate the same experience of viewing a product in a retail store. It resembles as much as possible the way of visually analizing a product buy playing with and turn it from left to right as we do in a physical store.

Difference between 360º and 3D packshot product photography

Very often we tend to confuse these two concepts when in reality they are very different. When we talk about 3D, we have to take into account that it is a technology that allows the transmitted image to leave the screen making it look that it is a depth image. To appreciate it, usually, we need special glasses. On the other hand, the 360° technology provided by ScanCube is to show the product in a picture that we play with it by rotating left and right, stop it at any place of interest and zoom in to appreciate the details.

How can I make a 360º packshot product composition?

What we will show when making a composition will be a series of photographs from different angles instead of a product turning video. With a 360º it allows the consumers to turn right or left, stop the product in a desired angle and zoom it to view the details, something that cannot be done with a video. ScanCube light boxes automate this process saving you time and money.

What are the processes for the realization of a 360º composition with ScanCube?

1- Center the product on the turntable

If we did not center the product would not turn on its own axis and the result would not be elegant or attractive to the consumer. That is why ScanCube has a laser that marks the exact point where our product should be located, an aspect that makes the centering task much easier.

2- Configure the lights of the lightbox or use saved templates that can serve us

White product photographs are the most attractive for the consumer, so it is vitally important to spend some time configuring the six different points of light that ScanCube has and save configurations for similar products later.

3- Check that the product frame is not cutting the product during the turn

The framing of the final composition is clearly seen in the software and it is important to check that the image does not cut during the turning.

4- Choose the number of photos we want to perform

With Scancube we can make between 12 and 72 photos taking into account that the more photos we make the smoother the movement will be but at the same time the file size will be bigger.

From there, the platform will rotate by itself and will stop on each angle so the camera will automatically shoot and save in a folder all the photographs in high quality - for zooming - and in low quality, besides an html file will be created to directly use to upload to our ecommerce.